Lookin' Good at 58

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Hope She Dumps The Boyfriend

Tonight I am serving this young couple when the guy finishes ahead of her and ask me to pack the leftovers for him. She hasn't yet finished but he doesn't seem to care so I pack up his leftovers. Normally I let them pack it but it was slow so what the heck. He had an air about him that I didn't like at all. He was just full of himself.

Well she is still eating when he sees me and ask , can I see a dessert menu? You know if that is one thing that bugs me is when someone will not wait till the other person or people who have not finished eating and they are asking for the dessert menu already. I mean c'mon! Don't you have any manners at all.

I mention this to the supervisor and she says her boyfriend does the same thing.

Let me tell all you women out there what I said to my supervisor when I heard her say that. Don't waste your time anymore and dump the guy! Seriously I know good guys are hard to find but set your sights a bit higher than have a guy totally forget being courteous and respectful and will not let you finish your dinner before asking for the dessert menu. That is just plain rude.

That is someone you don't want to be around for the next 4o years , believe me.

Go out and find someone else. They are out there , somewhere....


♥ Caz said...

I have to admit this sounds kind of rude. Plus what's the enjoyment to having dessert without someone to enjoy it with?

It's not just bf/gf situations, but also friends and family. It doesn't hurt to wait that little longer does it?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Caz...it is more common nowadays than ever. No manners.