Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, January 25, 2010


Saturday night I have this couple probably in their mid twenties. They both order the same steaks and upon clearing I notice a morsel of filet steak kind of put aside on her plate. It was noisy and loud as we had lots of parties going on and another 2 hour wait. In fact because of the mild weather people were even waiting outside which is a tad unusual for January around these parts.

Anyway I ask her if she has finished with her plate. She nods yes but I don't believe I ever asked her if she wanted that morsel to go in a container. I clear the table and come back with the dessert menues which they politely decline.

I come back with the bill and she ask me where her steak is. I thought to myself right away that she must be joking and that maybe she thought she ordered a take out or something and was waiting for it.

I reply back what steak? She says I wanted the rest to go. I say I didn't hear you say that. She says will I did.

I apologize and say I will get a supervisor. One thing I have learned is I am just a letter to head office away from getting suspended. After that stupid thing last Spring any time something like this comes up you get a supervisor over to handle it.

She gets a new steak with the trimmings. That for a morsel of meat left on the plate that was mistakenly thrown out due to a miscommunication I probably would have let it go. But her , no way as she was hunting for bear. She got her freebie and I was left wondering exactly at what point is some asshole going to make a fuss about nothing and cause me to look for another job.

Some people are just like a mine field set up like a booby trap to catch you on one slip.



vandervecken said...

at the risk of sounding crass, someone should maybe round up a bunch of these types and drop them off in the middle of downtown Port au Prince for a few days! I was just thinking the other day about it, listening to reporters and rescuers marvel at how patient the Haitians have remained even after suffering through the end of the world, and then days and days without food or water or shelter or medical care AND delays in getting aid out to where people need it.

Could you imagine what it would be like if something like that happened here? With people whose heads explode over a bite of steak they ? Weak!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

vandervecken...makes you wonder doesn't it?

Manuel said...

hell yeah....I used to handle all my complaints myself and try and sort shit out quickly but I've learnt just to get a manager...they get paid to take the grief not me....

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Manuel...absolutely! I know I learned my lesson working where I am now.

Anonymous said...

that happened to me but i a small piece of pancake! the guy is like i wanted it! im sorry i said ill get u a whole new pancake..and he is like no! i wanted that piece! im like what!!??
then the one time i took this lady`s plate and she only got ONE french fried left in it and she got mad! i know i should have ask if she was done but i was busy and i forgot but come on!
btw did you get in trouble with your manager?
Sometimes or i would say always i try to deal with the complaints by myself instead of making my manager mad..

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Anonymous...crazy people and oh yeah I tell the manager. Don't want any letters coming in to head office.