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Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Take Out Containers Should Do It

You wonder why people order what they do expecting they will eat everything. Last night I had this three top that ordered some appetizers. One of them ordered two hot appetizers and a salad then our huge steak fajitas. Another had one hot appetizer , a salad , followed by a steak. The last one had an appy and the huge chicken fajitas.

They get their main courses and have about two bites and start sitting back in their seats. I go over and ask how they are doing to which they respond with a we are full.

So I guess you will need some take out containers for all that. I bring five over and a bag.

They pack it all and left me a decent tip. Nice enough people but why would someone order so much that they couldn't eat?

Sometimes I think if we could cook a steak up in two minutes and install a drive thru we would have a lineup of cars 10 miles long. Few people order correctly at least where I work. They over order and take away.

Why can't people just order what they can eat? I don't think taking stuff out and reheating it later it's going to taste the same.

Do you?


Cat said...

yea i do, and i do all the time especially chinese for lunch the next day.

SkippyMom said...

I hate taking 90% of food out of a restaurant [some things, tho' rarely reheat well]

I don't have a huge appetite so I will order accordingly but when you order at once [salad, app and dinner] sometimes your eyes get bigger than your stomach. And some people swear by leftovers.

One of my fav' meals is too large for me to eat [at my fav' restaurant] but they have yet to allow me a seniors portion or a kids portion [eventhough I will pay regular price] and then our waiter invariably teases me EVERY effing time for not finishing. I need to call him on it so he stops.

I just like that meal - give me a smaller portion and I wouldn't waste it - [one of those that don't reheat] restaurant portions are ridiculous anymore. Even you said the fajitas are huge! :D

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Cat...chinese is a favourite one the next day. They always give you enough for two meals anyway. Thanks for dropping by.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

SkippyMom...in my opinion if anyone is going to have fajitas don't order anything else. Hardly anyone can finish the fajitas just by itself let alone with a couple of appys before it. Maybe they were doing their grocery shopping at the same time.lol

vandervecken said...

i don't mind. as long as they feel they got good value and had a good time. anyway, people like it when you make a fun ceremony out of boxing their food, scribbling the name of the dish on each box, having some end of meal chit chat, etc. -- as long as they remember to take the boxes with them when they leave! that's when i roll my eyes. how do you forget a giant shopping bag sitting right in front of you?

@skippymom: waiters should NEVER tease people for not finishing! unless the guest goes there first, anyway ... ;) That said, if someone I see all time says "I never eat the whole thing and it doesn't reheat well, then I should offer a smaller portion if it's available!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

vandervecken....I just bring the boxes over so they can pack it the way they like. People tend to remember what they pack rather than what you pack I find.While they are packing I tend to something else then come back and finish clearing.

AZWaitress said...

I admit, sometimes I order anticipating leftovers.... but of course they have to reheat well!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

AZWaitress...I am beginning to think a lot of people like the take away. That is cool.

megaphon said...

Dear WaiterE,

concerning the WHY, I could imagine that they had a fight or just some serious talk. Happens to me; whenever there are unsettling emotions, I couldn't eat if you put a gun to my head, regardless of how hungry I was before. Maybe that would be an explanation?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Megaphon...you know I had another 5take out container table last night. A family also. Didn't appear either was having an argument. Just stuffed. But what you say could happen.