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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Never Give a Guest a Chance to Say No to Dessert

You know how some people upon clearing the table will ask the guest if they would like some dessert. I never do.

Instead I just clear the table and then present the dessert menu to them and wait for them to take it , which of course is the natural thing to do when someone is holding something in front of you.

Then if they do take it and look , your odds of them ordering a dessert have increased by quite a margin. Recommend a dessert or two once they have it in their hands. Then walk away.

Sometimes of course they will smile and not grab the dessert menu but a lot of the time they will say okay and have a look. Usually they will order something once they do. They may only get one dessert and share it but it is still a sale. Maybe a coffee too.

So next time rather than give them a chance to say no right off the top just bring over the dessert menu and hold it out in front of them and watch them take it. If they don't , usually a big smile comes over their face cause they know what you are trying to do.

Have fun at this point and watch them squirm trying to say no. This is the fun part of the meal when all the hard work has been done and you have carried out perfect service to the guest.

It may add to your tip.


Confessions of a Waitress said...

absolutely should be a standard and is completely for me. I like it when folks open up my menu expecting it to be the check.... I would say that your chances of selling a desert increase by about 40%... A typical desert is anywhere from eight to eleven dollars.. on a night with say eighty covers thirty of them will order desert thirty times ten is about threee hundred extra bucks take 20% of that for gratuity and you have increased the night by sixty dollars. May not seem like a lot but add it up for a month or two... It makes a huge difference.

megaphon said...

That's a great trick!!! Really, thanks for all the tips on upselling on this blog, some of my best came from you!

Probably you know this already, but the way you phrase a question does also have an effect on the customer. For example, if I want customers to leave, because we're closing or I need the table, I tend to ask:
"Is there anything else I can get you?", which provokes a 'no'. In contrast, if I want them to order more, because business is slow, I rather say:
"What else can I get for you?", sometimes I add sth like "...perhaps a coffee or a nice brandy?" It works wonders.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Confessions of a Waitress...it sure does add up especially when you don't have a lot of tables an extra dessert order will raise that tip just a bit more. It all adds up.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Megaphon...how you phrase things is very important as well. Depending on the tone in your voice you can pretty much dictate whether that guest will order dessert or not. Good point.

Waitersfriend said...

I tend to put the dessert menu down next to each person and just say something cheeky like, 'Just in case..' and walk away smiling - It always gets a smile from the guest and puts them at ease so they dont feel like it is being rammed down there throats and usually prompts them to at least have a look. Of course the more people that look at something, the better odds of getting a sale..

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Waitersfriend...putting the guest at ease is number #1 to getting them to really enjoy their meal. That is an excellent point.