Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, December 17, 2009

May I Suggest English as a Second Language

So I get this family of 4. It is kind of busy and I am waiting what seems like an eternity to listen to what they have to order.

They order for the kids , then the guy orders the feature with the sun-dried tomato cream sauce and then we come to her. Lady arshole!

She begins by pointing at the part of the menu that says how the steaks are cooked. So I say do you want a steak then? The guy says yeah she will have a sirloin. Fine I say how would you like it cooked and she looks over at her husband and he says well done like mine. Alright then a steak cooked well done. The husband agrees and the wife who I don't think has any idea what a steak is just grins.

The steaks come out and she calls me over and says where is my sauce? Okay I thought you just wanted the steak your husband said , not the feature. So I run back to the kitchen and order the sauce on the side. She gets it and then hardly touches it. I want to kick the guy in the head cause he ordered the meal for her without mentioning the feature.

Listen lady learn to order for yourself. Learn English! Be a pleasure to serve you even more if you could explain what it is you want. What is it with people who live here that it is so hard for them to learn some language skills. Can I suggest a Dale Carnegie course! Anything , just get out of your shell.

Tonight was a night of idiots. Another post on the way shortly.


Confessions of a Waitress said...

that sucks!! especially the way they think that it's your fault. I'm sorry your night sucked. But, hey at least you've met your quota and tomorrow will be better.

purplegirl said...

I hate it when one person orders for another--you know they're going to get something wrong, and of course it'll be your fault, right?

LW said...

I have had so many people point at the menu to order without speaking that I no longer accept that. They never fail to send the item back saying it's not what they wanted. Now I always state what they are pointing at. If they still refuse to speak and simply nod to confirm I say the item again as I write it down. Is it really that difficult to talk?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

LW...unfortunately it is. I couldn't be bothered sending it back. Instead I just ordered the side of sauce. It was cooked already to well done and didn't want to waste more time getting them a new one. As it turned out there $8 tip was what I expected when they sat down.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Purplegirl...it always is. She didn't know what she was ordering anyway. Not sure if she knew what a steak was.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Confessions of a Waitress...in our place it seems people want to impress one another with their ignorance. Ha