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Monday, November 2, 2009

What Every Waiter Should Do In Order To Make More Money

I know the title sounds like if everyone does this their chances of garnering a bigger tip will occur 100% of the time and I admit that would be a tad pretentious , but I am convinced that your success ratio will improve greatly if you did this one thing.

What I have noticed from viewing waiters that make more money from those who don't is that they speak a bit louder when they are greeting the guest than most others. Now I am not saying that they are shouting or you can hear them all over the restaurant but when they go up to the guest and say hello and mention the features , there is that sound of enthusiasm coming from their voice mixed with the positive expectation that their meal is going to be fantastic with him or her serving them.

I have even noticed with myself that my really great nights come from those times when I went into work knowing that what I had to offer was the very best decision a restaurant goer could have made that evening. The pitch of my voice was perfect and my rambling off of the features was akin to listening to someone read a poetic masterpiece. My enthusiasm and conviction at the outset laid the foundation for a truly positive dining experience for the guest.

Think about when you received outstanding service and tipped accordingly the last time and it probably had a lot to do with not just the service and food , but the sound of your waiter's voice that had you expecting something great was going to take place right from the beginning.

So remember when you start your next shift in the restaurant make sure the guest can hear a strong , direct , air of conviction in your voice and you may make more money and hear far less complaints. Be consciously aware of your voice projection when at a table and note if there is a difference when you are up or when you are down in your take home pay.

I know I am trying all the time to speak a bit stronger and affirmative. More than I would in casual conversation.

Hope this helps you make more money out there!


Hellraiser said...

If only all front of house staff thought like this! I believe what you say is true, those kinds of waiters are the ones that interact with the kitchen superbly, whilst delivering high performance customer service. I wish we had more like that!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Hellraiser...absolutely and communicating with the kitchen goes right along with that.