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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where's My Dinner?

Not that I am totally jealous or upset about this but a waiter came up to me last night and mentioned that this table he was serving had asked to speak to the manager. Not quite sure what to expect he was pleasantly taken aback when the guest commented on what an excellent waiter he is and how he explained the features and wines and carried out the service.

But what surprised me was when the supervisor came back to him and said he was getting dinner and a drink on him tonight for the good comment.

Well I had someone call last week to the restaurant to say what great service they got the previous night by me , and then last night upon leaving my last table commented on the professionalism I exhibited throughout their dining experience to the host. I asked the host to pass it along to the supervisor but alas I believe she just went home when it was time to go. The supervisors were busy doing something else.

Now I am not expecting dinners and drinks but when does one get dinner and a drink , and the other good comments that someone else may get warrant nothing?

Doesn't seem right does it?


megaphon said...

Hey Extraordinaire,

this reminds me of a fellow waiter who was working together with me every Tuesday night (small place, only two servers at a time). When he left for a three-week-vacation, on the night before leaving he met at the bar we worked at with some friends; a farewell-get-together thing.

I was working that night (with someone else), and our manager told me to go over to his table and give them two bottles of champagne for free.

And I felt what You are probably feeling: This. Is. So. Unfair!!! He wasn't even especially good at his job! But there's nothing you can do about it!

I knew it was a guy thing ... which makes it even worse.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Megaphon...makes you wonder when it happens doesn't it?

The Veteran Server said...

I agree, it seems that if you are a server who does well consistently, gets lots of compliments, your restaurant is just like right, whatever, and its the mediocre servers who get some kind of flukey compliment that get all the fuss.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

The Veteran Server...I agree and it depends too who is on that night supervising.