Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Weekly Quiz

A week has gone by so here is the next instalment of the Quiz.

1. The grape Breton in the Loire Valley is a synonym of what major grape variety? It is a grape variety that we know very well and is the major grape in Cheval Blanc?

2. What is the traditional practice of adding dried grapes to Chianti after fermentation to provide a second fermentation to soften the wine?

3. What is the utensil called that pounds or crushes food in a mortar?

4. When you see in French the words Aigre-Doux what does that mean in English?

5. What is the Italian egg pasta that comes in the form of flat ribbons? Usually if it is coloured green it contains spinach.

Well some were hard and others harder. Have a try and see how many you get.

Answers in 10 hours.

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