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Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Important Steps To Remember When Selling Features For Charitable Causes

I have been back to work three days this week and for the next 8 weeks we have a feature menu that comes out at this time each year whereby if anyone orders an entree from this feature menu we donate $2 of the price to a foundation named from the restaurant that goes toward mentoring young kids. The company has been doing this for quite a while.

The first night I didn't sell any of the features. Each night has been getting progressively better though. The big reason is when I am explaining the good cause and asking them to look at the feature menu I add it is for a limited time only and if they do order one of these delicious entrees not only will you enjoy it but have the satisfaction of helping a young kid out.

I think adding limited time only is what I had to do to sell more to go along with the nice touch at the end saying they will have helped out a young person.

You have the sense of urgency implying it might not be available the next time they come and also the benefit and feel good attitude of having helped out a young one.

Even when selling features that are not going toward charitable causes we need to create urgency ( limited time only , last day , are some examples ) and a benefit ( mouthwatering , delicious , succulent , and other descriptive words appealing to their senses ).

For this feature menu I want to appeal to the person's natural inclination to help out others and add that sense of urgency. Most important of all is to add belief in your voice. If they see you believe it , they will as well.

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