Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Quiz

Here you go for this week's quiz.

1. An Americano cocktail and a Negroni cocktail both have sweet vermouth and campari in them. What liquor does the Negroni have that the Americano does not?

2. Crépy is a light bodied white wine that can be made slightly sparkling coming from the slopes of the Haute Savoie region in France alongside Lake Geneva? What grape is used to make this wine?

3. A coque is a cake made in the south of France to celebrate this holiday. Which one am I referring to?

4. Charbonnée is a term to describe food cooked over what?

5. An old fashion cocktail starts off with a cube of sugar coated with angostura bitters , a shot of Canadian rye whiskey , add some shaved ice and garnish with slice of orange , wedge of lemon , and a cherry. What do you top up this cocktail with?

There you have it!


ranting chef said...

Get this, I'm online Thursday night and yes the Quiz is up so lets go....

1. Gin, I love Gin....G & T anytime
2. This would be the Swiss grape called Chassells
3. no idea...
4. help...
5. How about orange juice

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Ranting Chef...man you are fast today. You must be just home from work. Love to tell you the answers but gotta wait for some others to respond or at least have a look. Answers will come when you get up tomorrow your time I guess. Take care! You did good though.