Lookin' Good at 58

Friday, October 23, 2009

I Think Some People Live Under a Rock

It was dead again last night but I got the star table of the night. This young couple in the early twenties comes in and you can tell they might have been dating for the first time cause when it came to pay the bill they went half.

Anyway they come in with two Starbuck's Coffee in paper cups and I am figuring this is not good like can't you just not walk into a restaurant without bringing anything else in that you may be eating or drinking from somewhere else.

So she orders a Tequila Sunrise and I am getting ready to ask for her order. She says I will have the Filet. I reply back asking her how she would like it cooked. Then she kinds of looks weird and says , I don't know however you cook it , just regular I guess...?

I say will it is a meat and I need to know how you like it cooked , like what temperature....

Oh she says , looking rather dumb , it is a meat?? Where is your fish on the menu???

Alrighty so she orders the salmon.. But I was thinking afterwards of when she was finished how I could have really played with her mind and asked her how she enjoyed the filet?? Think of next time if she came in the waiter would be taking an order for filet and deliver it and she would be expecting a salmon.

The best one I heard was last week this person came in and wanted to order a steak. The girl ask what steak do you want and she points at the part of the menu that explains the colours for the different temperatures of meat and puts her finger on the descriptor that says a cut above.

I cracked up , imagine ordering a steak by the name of a cut above. Put that along with mine tonight and you get a steak called a cut above cooked regular!

All I can say is , Holy Mackeral!


teleburst said...

Just noting that had she ordered the "fillet" (with two "l"s), then it *could* have been salmon :g:. Unless all you serve are salmon steaks, of course (further confusing the issue).

BTW, in my restaurant, we do salmon fillets, not salmon steaks. They're thick ones, but not cut on the cross-section, cut instead with the grain.

The English language - full of land mines. :chuckle:

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Teleburst...omg you really analyze things don't you. Ha Ha

purplegirl said...

I feel stupider just having read about that person.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

PurpleGirl...they were doozies that is for sure.

teleburst said...

WE, actually it sounds like something that you'd find in one of your quizzes :g:

"The terms fillet and filet mean two different things. What are the different meanings"?

See what I mean?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Teleburst...everything is spelled filet up here. Like French. Very few places that I have worked in up here anyway have fillets on the menu. Everything pretty much comes boneless or filleted and is taken for granted by the guests. Salmon steaks are rarely found.