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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Five Tables

Tonight I was revved up to go. It's Friday night and it is rock time! I am in at 5:15 and I get this section in the corner.

Then I waited and waited to be sat. Then I got a 3 top that sat there for 2 hours and a deuce right after the 3 that sat for ages. So the other two fours are put together to make a 9 top. Finally they sit down. I get a 4 and a 2 after that and that was it. Five tables!

I sold a meagre $722 serving 20 people. The good thing was the 9 top tipped me $50 and the last four top tipped me just over $40. So after tip out $26 I walked out with $99.

Had a 60th anniversary tonight that was pretty interesting but that was about it.

Considering how slow it was I consider that to be very lucky but on a Friday night , c'mon! Tonight was a walk in the park.

So Saturday I am pre closer but at least Saturday should be busy. I should make some good coin I figure. Then Sunday I am the opener so I start work at 1:45 but that should be good because what I am planning on doing is moving down once I am there to close. That is right just open and close. A ten hour day. That should make us some extra money. I am off Monday and Tuesday anyway to recuperate.

As a side note the school did not get enough students for the bartending course this semester so I will not be teaching this Fall. We will try again for January.

I am not that disappointed as that will just free up an already busy Monday night with the boy's swimming lessons and my oldest son's drama acting class later that same evening.

Despite what appears to be a slow week so far it hasn't been a bad month. An extra shift or two could turn this into a grand month.

We will see.......Tomorrow should get some better numbers anyway.


Teleburst said...

Good luck tonight!

Our hockey season opens tonight, so i expect the normal "need to get out in a hour" sort of first round seating. We should be filled up by 6pm. As long as the kitchen doesn't crash 'n burn, it should be a profitable night indeed. Fortunately, our kitchen is geared to taking care of this sort of night. As long as we don't have any early private parties gumming up the works, we should be just fine.


"So You Want To Be A Waiter" blog


PS, interesting discussion on service charges/wages in Europe vs tipping in America on my blog. I'd be interested in your perspective as a Canadian waiter, since I'm not quite sure how your system operates. Is it true that you get paid more per hour and the expected tipping level is a little bit lower than the States (15% as an average). Note that I'm not asking about your own personal percentage level but what is "expected" and is the "standard".

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Teleburst..I will get back to you on the tipping here in Canada. Not much different that what you guys expect.