Lookin' Good at 58

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Being Tall Has a Disadvantage

Recently we hired someone who I had to look up to because he was the first person that I have worked with in a long time who was taller than myself.

That same night I had to depart early because my back was out. I remember when my recurring problems with my back started when I was 35 on the ship and I was working buffet that cruise during breakfast and lunch. Bending over and helping put food on people's plates until toward the end of the 7 day voyage I could hardly stand up. My sciata nerve which happens to be the longest nerve in our body that stretches from behind the top of the leg down to your feet seized up and boy was that painful.

I had to leave the ship and fly home from Istanbul to get therapy. Ever since then off and on my back goes. Wearing a back support helps to get me through the shift. Usually a lot of times my back will go with the change of weather.

Being a tall waiter you have to watch how you bend. Use the knees and don't rely on your back. When you are young you don't think about it but later on it comes back to bite you. I see bar boys lifting 3 racks of glasses and when I do I always tell them take it easy and make an extra trip. Our bodies are not made to do carry such heavy ankward loads that strain your body.

I am 6'2" or 188cms. Is there anyone out there who is taller than that? If so have you ever had a back problem or any problems that could be directly related to the industry. Shorter or taller I would like to hear your story.


purplegirl said...

Being short, I'm constantly griping about not being able to reach things in the restaurant (our condiments, to go boxes, straws, napkins, and a lot of other stuff are a good foot over my head). Instead I guess I should be glad I don't have the back problems related to being tall!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Purplegirl...Like last night the hostess ask me to get something that I even couldn't reach so here I am with a ladder trying to grab some paper towels for the washroom. Right in the middle of service I am wondering what am I doing this for!

purplegirl said...

Because being tall makes you the restaurant's bitch in a whole other way, of course!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Purplegirl...and that I am!lol Hey Steve can you reach up and get whatever.....oh boy.