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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Answers to the Hard Quiz

Alright here are the answers.

1. Nebbiolo is the grape from the Piedmont region of Italy that makes the great Barolo.

2. "a la bouchere" is the name given to various dishes that will have a garnish of bone marrow.

3. Sole Colbert is sole of course filletted , then dipped in egg , covered with breadcrumbs , then cooked by frying it. So when you see Colbert know that it is prepared this way.

4. That wine that has a grapey fragrance is Muscat from the Loire Valley. There of course other Muscats that are sweet etc.. This Muscat is the dry one.

5. "a la Florentine" anything means with spinach somewhere accompanying the main feature.

There you go.

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