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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now This Is The Way To Operate a Restaurant

Last week I went to visit my mother and we went to the locks to take the kids and see the pleasure boats going through.

There was this big sail boat coming through with a Luxembourg flag at the back so I just had to ask them where they were from. Well as it turned out the couple was from Amsterdam and they had this huge sail boat shipped over to Fort Lauderdale and since then they have traveled this far North and heading back before the winter sets in.

Sipping an espresso as they were waiting to be let through and continue their journey I asked them what they did for a living. Well they said first of all they sold their house to do this for 3 years altogether. That meant no work for 3 years! Just fun and travel and see the world.

So then I had to find out what they did to get this time off to which they replied that they owned two restaurants in Amsterdam and they had key people in place while they were gone to run it. In other words the restaurant which was highly successful no doubt was making money for the owners while they were on voyage. Sure they called nearly every night but it was more for how is it going and to check on their bank account which was increasing while they were gone.

The restaurant's name was Castille which happens to be castle in French. It is pretty high fine dining but the effects she said of the economy was not taking it's toll on their business at all.

Now here I thought that was pretty impressive. Sure they worked hard to get it to this point but unlike most owners who have to be at the restaurant all the time this couple were true business owners. Able to leverage their time through others. I am sure they were young and in their mid fifties.

I think Robert Kiyosaki , the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad would be impressed by this couple's lifestyle.

Wouldn't you agree?


Nat said...

So I guess it was a Dutch flag then,...and not from Luxembourg ;)
(they do look alike, Dutch use, red white and dark blue, and Luxembourg use red white and light blue.
But the Dutch had their flag since 1937, well officially that is.)

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Nat...yes you are right it must have been a Dutch flag. They are very alike. The confusing part I didn't mention is the name at the back of the boat where the flag was was in fact Luxembourg.So the country written on the back was Luxembourg but it had to be a Dutch flag seeing they were from the Netherlands. The name of the sail boat was Blue something or other in the front.Oh boy now I am confused! LoL Thanks for the info on the flags and commenting.