Lookin' Good at 58

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nice Return

The return to work last night after 2 weeks was a success. I even had people say they missed me. I didn't know what to say though when some asked me if I missed them. To tell you the truth I didn't think about work till about an hour before start time.
I had a nice section and after 5 1/2 hours tipped out $41 and took home $166 on $1190 net sales.

But what really made me happy was how great this vacation was for us. The first week had a great time at this resort we go to each year with sand and beach and except for 2 rainy days we got enough sun to come back nicely tanned and relaxed. That is me on the raft that has a spot to put your beer.

The second week our oldest guy went to Science Camp and the youngest went to Play Camp during the day so the wife and I got some painting and relaxation with a couple of lunches out. One where she works and another restaurant for nachos. Then with the kid's soccer games at night and piano it was nonstop the whole time. We had to buy a fridge cause the one we have went on the fritz.

Today everyone is chilling out just taking 5 before the next time we do something which will not be long from now. During the summer I will only be working 4 nights a week and enjoying some time with the kids. Some day trips are in the forecast.

I am thinking of next year's vacation already! Sigh.....................

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