Lookin' Good at 58

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It is Official - Business is Down

The last few weeks have seen a significant decline on what people are leaving for a tip and also what they are consuming. There are I think 3 reasons for it.

One is it is starting to get warm out so people are lighting up their BBQs which they have been waiting to do for a long time so less people are coming to the restaurant. This reason is pretty normal.

The second reason is with money being tight nowadays no one is spending much money when they go out now. Less average guest check means less tip as well.

The third reason is just recently the government here has reduced the blood alcohol content to .5 from .8 so they can at .5 suspend your license for 72 hours. Lately I have had tables stop drinking altogether just after one drink because of this new law lowering the BAC to .5.

So servers are getting slammed all around these days by every direction.


¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Sometimes I wonder why we chose such a crazy profession that relies so much on others. A passion for the work is a definite must to keep us going in tough times.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Chris...things will get better but it is hard to plan. I think in the future it will be made up of all part timers who hold another job.

Lone Waitress said...

I agree about the business. I am half as busy as I was last year at this time. Most of my regulars are firing up the grill instead of coming in.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Lone Waitress...it might pick up soon. Since I wrote that it has picked up again but in the summer months there will be a lot of the BBQ going on till September.For some reason the first two weeks this month were brutal but the last part has been nice.