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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can I Do It?

What would be ideal is to find a job working lunches for either my wife or I. Actually I wouldn't mind switching to lunches and then finding a spot working nights if I have to downtown somewhere where I can take home at least $250 a night on a Friday and Saturday.

The reason I do not do that now is the commute of over an hour and the parking. Also there are not a lot of these places hiring at any time just because who leaves a spot where they are making good money.

But another thing too is a lot of these places want you to work lunches and dinners whereas I would only be interested in dinner. I have no desire anymore since a couple of years ago to work both just because of the wear and tear on my body. My back isn't good and when that goes everything else goes.

I also still want to teach Bartending in the Fall because doing something on the side is always good.

We are a one car family too so with the kids having soccer games and practices totally up to 3 nights a week , throw in a piano lesson and swimming lessons , and I really only want to be out of town 2-3 nights a week tops. If I am out more than that then the wife and kids are walking in rain sometimes to get to the field.

My wife would not have to get up 4 mornings a week at 5AM but rather only two where she works. Getting up that early is taking it's toll after 6 years of doing it. In addition to that she is being asked to work some lunches where there is no real money to be made. It is a waste of time.

So today I dust off the resume and look for a place working lunches only while I still work evenings at my restaurant I am at now. After the holiday in July I look for a place I need only to work Friday and Saturday nights where I can make about $500 for two nights. With the restaurant I am now it is unlikely most nights I can make a bunch of money. A return to fine dining with a big wine list is in the cards right now. I kinda miss that anyway.

Then I can be home most evenings to drive the kids to their games and lessons without taking away a chunk of our income.

That is the one good thing about waiting on tables. You can wait around your schedule but you have to be patient and find the right situation which will work for you. I am giving myself the summer to do that so by the time September rolls around we will be set up to make some good income and have the van ready when needed.

Walk to work for lunches and 3 times a week take it to make some big coin elsewhere. Should be fun.


¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I so wish good things for you and your family. Good luck to you as you seek new opportunities:)

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Chris..thanks. We should be okay. We will find the best situation possible so that our income doesn't drop but go up and less driving eventually.

dave said...

I would think that it would be fairly easy to find a place willing to let you work only lunches, as most people prefer to work dinner. I guess the problem would be finding a *good* lunch place.

We have a lady who only works lunch. She has the largest section (the designated closing section as well), and it's mostly filled up with regulars. She's made it clear that she will not work dinners at anytime - that's the deal she cut 8 years ago when she hired on. She makes about half what the rest of us make, but she only works Mon- Fr. and she's out the door every day at 4pm. She did this so that she could be with her son at night, helping with homework, etc. It works out pretty well for the restaurant because nobody else has to close and it probably keeps one extra server from having to work lunch. and it's great for her since she's built up a very loyal clientele. Most of the heavyweight regulars sit in her section for lunch.

Perhaps you could find a nice restaurant that would welcome some stability in their lunch crew. Just make sure that you cut the same deal if you want to keep your night-time gig with another restaurant. And do like this server does - never, ever open the floodgates by picking up a night shift for a fellow server. Don't do it even one time. Don't create a precedent. Make it clear that you can't do this because of other commitments.

"So You Want To Be A Waiter"

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Dave...it make a bit of time now that things die here for the summer. But I am being positive and yes you are right it has to be such and no intermingling of the two places.