Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Big Motivational Speech

This Monday is the last class for bartending until the Fall and all the time on the 9th class I give a big motivational speech especially aimed at the young ones.

What I say is quite simple. Thirty years ago I was in a Bartending course just like this one and I had no idea at that time where it would take me. But what I said was this and that was go big. This course is just a teaser on how far you can go. If you want to be a bartender then be a great one and work in places where you can make scads of tips. There are places out there where people are making a $1000 on a weekend. Maybe not where I am but elsewhere.

Go to Las Vegas and work in the casinos , try the cruise ships and get paid to travel , head out to resorts where there are guests throwing money at you when you serve them , or just head to the places wherever they are where the super rich go.

At the start yes of course go to places where you can get the experience and continue learning and practicing recipes. But don't settle for places where you have to clean the washrooms after your shift either. Go to places that will be good on your resume.

Continue taking courses such as Bar Management and don't drink on the job. Don't steal! Set yourself apart from the others.

The world is yours' in the Food and Beverage Business and you can go and work where you want anytime.

At the start just get out there and make some mistakes and learn. You are not going to be perfect your first day out. No one is. Nothing I can teach them in the class will prepare them for their first busy night other than get ready for when it happens.

At that point they were all gung ho to make some more drinks.


dave said...

As well they should have been...gung ho, that is...

Inspiration is key in this business, mainly because there's so little of it. When you're grinding out a living, all you want to do is get through the next shift. That's why the attrition rate is so high. Not enough people inspiring others to move forward.

Good job, compadre.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Dave...what they say is inspiration is the key to everything. Some how inspiration and enthusiasm will make a so so team much better. Better than most.Thanks Dave!