Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Answers

Okay here are the answers to this morning's mind twisting five questions.

1. If it is not Champagne then it is called Cremant and when you see it would be for example Cremant d'Alsace which would be a sparkling wine from the Alsace region of France and as a note these Cremants found everywhere in France usually are using a grape good for making Cremants within their region. Not necessarily the same grapes that go into making Champagne.

2. Cahors is the region I am thinking of when I talk of the Black Wine of Cahors.

3. Amontillado would be your medium dry sherry.

4. That dish I was talking of was called , Toad In the Hole.

5. To cut lettuce or any other leafy vegetable for that matter en chiffonade is to shred it.

Hope you had fun!

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