Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Answers to Today's Quiz

Pretty simple quiz wasn't it or so I thought except for the tricky question number 2. The answers are the following.

1. A couple of pearl onions on a cocktail pic is the garnish for a Gibson Cocktail which is a martini. It is just the garnish that changes the name.

2. That cork end I am talking about that has the wine on it when you pull it out of the wine bottle is called the mirror.

3. Marron in French and used a lot in French pastry means chestnut.

4. Cassis that you add to white wine or champagne to make Kir or a Royal Kir is blackcurrant flavour.

5. Angostura bitters is what you add to a Manhattan in the cocktail glass. Only a couple of drops are needed to take the sweet out and leave a drying sensation when you sip the Manhattan. It really is quite nice.

Well there you go! Till next week's quiz have a good one.

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