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Friday, May 15, 2009

Canada's Discovery

It is the 40th anniversary this week of a cocktail concocted by a Calgary bartender called the Bloody Caesar. Unknown to most of the world here is the recipe below.

Bloody Caesar

Rim a highball with celery salt first then add ice cubes.

Pour 1 measure of Vodka
2-3 dashes of Worcestshire Sauce
2-3 drops of Tobasco
A couple of shakes of salt and pepper
Fill glass with Clamato Juice
Garnish with a celery stalk and wedge of lime.

Some people like the Bloody Caesar with some Horseradish too for a real kick.

Note: Clamato Juice may be hard to find where you live. Motts Clamato is what we use up here.

Try it and see what everyone drinks up here in Canada during a lunch hour.


dave said...

I was wondering why it was called a "Caesar". At first, I was thinking that there might be an egg involved somehow.

In the States, I think that we just call it a Clamato Cocktail (basically a Bloody Mary with the substitue of Clamato. I think we should start calling it by its proper name, a Canadian Caesar. Of course, we could just call it a Caesar but we should give homage to its inventor.

Most of us make our own tomato mix, sometimes using V-8 for added depth. But the key of course to a good Bloody Mary is the celery salt and the judicious application of horseradish and tabasco. Cracked black pepper is a must as well, although I prefer to crack it on top of the drink whenever possible. Leaving out the celery salt is the biggest mistake that amateurs make :g:. sometimes I'll add a little onion powder and/or mustard powder to taste, but that's when I'm feeling adventurous. You can't overdo either, but they add a nice extra layer of flavor that makes it stand out from the norm.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Dave...don't know why it is called a Caesar either to be honest. It is difficult I think to find the Clam juice elsewhere unless it has caught on and they have on the shelves the Clamato juice.Onion powder or mustard powder haven't heard of but this drink is like a meal anyway so I would think anything is good in it.

G.H. said...

sounds tasty.

I'll have to make one up after shift tomorrow

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

G.H. Welcome and yes try one and tell me what you think.

Food Service Ninja said...

I have seen it in walmart before so you should be able to find it anywhere and some beer company sells their version of red beer with the stuff using both brands on the label.

You be surprised in rural Texas a Wally supercenter will have a couple kinds of capers, red and white clam juice and other niche ethnic ingredients.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Food Service Ninja...that is good to know I wasn't sure how available the clamato juice was.