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Friday, April 10, 2009

Include The Textbook

Had an email from the course administrator yesterday with regards to how much the bartending course is going to cost the student and that most teachers who teach bartending with the College do not have a textbook with the course. I am the only one who does apparently.

I personally think a book on how spirits are distilled , wine fermented , flavoured liqueurs are made , differences between draft beer and bottled beer , and other such things is good for any aspiring bartender to know. Not only will they leave the course knowing how to shake , mix , stir , and build a drink , but they will know the how all the alcohol comes about on it's way to becoming a finished product.

So after explaining to them that the textbook should not be an option , the course administrator made a great decision and included it with the price.

When has anyone ever taken any course at all without having to do some reading! Is reading out these days or is the internet taken over so much that people just go to wilkpedia to get their quick answers. There was a part of the news the other night that explained that college students are getting lazier and lazier because they do not read anymore or at least not as much as they used to. They get on the net and get the answer without really understanding the why or hows of how the answer came about. Reading gives you that.

The art of conversation in the future will be one word answers I suppose.

The idea behind the book as well is to keep the student focused throughout the week between classes. Besides that it may be the only bartending book they will ever own so it shows at least while they are taking the course they are putting some level of commitment toward it by at least purchasing a book. If they are real serious about making it a career they should be reading book after book about recipes , different types of spirits , wine , etc. Just like anyone else taking another course. Bartending is no different , in fact a book about human psychology would help as well in dealing with all kinds of people.

Which brings me to my last point and that is about value and investment as opposed to expense and costs.

Just recently we bought a new van which will cost us about $100 more a month on a loan but it is really an investment because we have a 5 year , 160,000 km warranty on it bumper to bumper.So the value to us as a family is great because in the long run the repair cost other than a oil change at scheduled periods far outweighs what money we would have paid out on our old car on loans and repairs.

Thus the extra cost per month on the loan is really an investment because of the added value of not having to worry about repairs plus the free Onstar , carstarter etc that came with it. That is how I view a bartending book to go with the course. A $20 investment so that someone will know the whys as well as the hows.

Besides a bartending course that includes , real liquor as opposed to coloured water ( I think we are the only one in Ontario that uses the real stuff ) , making drinks with it , field trips to other bars to talk to others in the business , a beer and wine tasting , Smartserve that everybody who serves alcohol needs here in Ontario , a teacher with lots of years in the business , etc. and the investment for all this is only $250.

What course can you take for that low investment and make your money back in some cases before the course is even over? No student loan , no credit card debt to pay back. Just get out there and shake and bake.

It is a steal especially when many people are looking to earn some side income or change their career direction. I wouldn't be surprised if another 20 showed up at the upcoming class starting on April 21st. The other one locally we have enough already starting next Monday so that will make 3 semesters in a row which is a first for the course.

I will be busy but it will be a good couple of months ahead then a breather for the summer.


SkippyMom said...

That is awesome value for the money imo - the potential to make money bartending is great and the cost of the course [with book] is so low.

I want to come take your course :D

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

SkippyMom...I think it is too and wish you could come as well. Maybe I should take it worldwide. Ha!

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I agree, what a bargain! And yes, you should go world-wide:) I would definitely sign up for the class! Sounds like fun and I know I would learn a great deal.

I can't imagine not learning without reference material, such as a book. Sure, we have the internet but for class, a book is needed.

What's the ISB# on the book? I would be interested in purchasing a copy for personal reference.

Paula Sindberg said...

Steve -
You are right on requiring your students to actually LEARN something from your course. You treat bartending as a profession (and you should) so your students should equally treat the course as job training - not to be an automaton mixing drinks but to be a professional with detailed knowledge about what they do, why they do it, how the ingredients are made and used, etc. Good on you!

bulletholes said...

Yeah, to ask a question while doing an Email is really kinda moot these days...if you tell me that you have started making wine with Skinless grapes, why would i ask how do you grow a skinless grape? All i have to do is Google it, get 29,000 resonable explanations of why you can't grow a skinless grape.
Can you grow a Skinless Grape? That would save a lot of...skins.

Happy Easter buddy!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Chris...I will get the ISBN number for you shortly. It is an easy read but great for someone just starting out. Worldwide , eh...

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Paula...welcome and yes some extra knowledge about how spirits and beers come about helps in the understanding doesn't it...Glad you agree.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Bulletholes..obviously all grapes have a skin. But that is the thing isn't what if a grape did not have a skin then you would want to know why and how.Anyway you have an awesome Easter Bulletholes!