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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Five Questions of the Day

Here we go with the Tuesday quiz. Good luck!

1. Crema de Lima from Spain is what flavoured liqueur?

2. Creme Yvette is made from the petals of violet parma , is highly scented , and named after the French actress Yvette Guilbert. Where is it made?

3. This liqueur comes from the Basque region in the southwest of France and is flavoured with Armagnac , with fruits , honey , and flowers from the Pyrenees that are close by. First introduced in 1835 it comes in both yellow and green with the former at 43% and the more intensely flavoured green coming in at 55%. What is the name of this liqueur?

4. In French cuisine a chasseur sauce is made from mushrooms , shallots , tomatoes , and white wine added to a sauteed dish such as chicken for example. What does the word chasseur translated into English mean?

5. You should prepare shirred eggs where in the kitchen? It is not important how just where?

That is it. I made this one a bit harder and trickier to peak your interest.

Answers later.


bulletholes said...

!>Obviously, Lima Beans. mom used to make me drink my Creme D'lima beans before I could go out to play.

2> In Yvettes underwear drawer. A guy can wish, can't he?

3. Yellow and Green? We aren't talking deadly Chartreuse here are we?

4> OK, finally something I know. Chicken Chasseur was the first thing i learned to cook out of my Pro-Chef book back in 1974.
hunter Style....final answer.

5> In your trusty Shirred Egg Dish. Which is placed into the oven. what do you mean, how is not important!
Au Contraire!
Translate that!

No one ever answered my bonus question last week of what does Argenteille mean as far as a garnish goes....so lets try this one...
Neopolitan...like the Ice Cream...or a Pasta dish...
What the hell is Neopolitan?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Bulletholes...how is important but I needed to make sure to make it easier for those who were not a chef before. Hey Chef!! You got the cooking terms no problem like I thought you would. Yvettes underwear is close though..