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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Choices We Make Make a Difference

Yesterday I went out to drop some resumes and when I walked into the place I realized that I wouldn't want to work there. Then I thought about what I was thinking yesterday and about changing jobs and then it came to me what the real dilemma was. It was going on inside my head.

The thing is this time of year I get a bit anxious for spring and summer to happen. We have been busy right up to this time and even last night I thought was a pretty good night. Maybe it is just putting on the winter boots and coat that gets a bit tiring. Now finally we are getting some great weather and then I start to remember the time off I had last summer. Twenty seven days off in 2 months. If I went somewhere else I would have less than that off for sure.

Then starting new somewhere there is always something that is different and uncomfortable to adapt to. I might start working somewhere small and have to clean the washrooms again. Just things like that.

No I will tell you what happens at times and if you are a bit older you might understand what I am thinking. It is the best days for me in this industry are behind me. Don't get me wrong I am still good but when I hand in a resume to someone who is 25 years younger than I , who is kidding who here?

What I would really like to do in the next couple of years is when the kids start going to school the full day is get a job working some lunches and a couple of evenings a week so I can be home to see my kids in the evening. For up to 7 years now we have done it so one works in the morning and the other works in the evening. It has been a success and the thing is the kids are showing they are benefiting from the one parent at home all the time plan.

I think I will continue where I am and enjoy the time off that I get to spend at home. They are not going to suspend me or fire me or whatever......Besides I am too well liked there where I work. I am a barrel of laughs.

What me worry? Geeesssshhhh......

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