Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Answers To The Quiz Earlier In The Day

Here are the answers to this morning's quiz.

1. A roux is a cooked mixture of equal amounts of flour and butter used to thicken many sauces.

2. Pommes noisettes are small potato balls cut out with a melon baller then lightly fried and browned with butter. A delicious potato I might add.

3. With Cherries Jubilee the spirit added has to be Kirsch wouldn't you think?

4. Dry Sack is a medium sherry which makes me wonder why they call it Dry Sack.

5. The cocktail Beautiful is equal amounts of Cognac and Grand Marnier. At least that is what I last heard.

By the way last week's Black and Tan should have been half Guinness and half Lager Beer to give it the two colour name. My recipe was obviously outnumbered by the number of the above recipe. I had no trouble locating the beer recipe for Black and Tan in every other recipe book I could come across. This goes to show you that there are so many cocktails out there with so many variations of the same name that nothing is etched in stone it seems except for your basic standard cocktails which never change over time. Like a Pink Lady is a Pink Lady and that is it! No tampering with that cocktail! I hope.

I am sure you all had some questions right on today's quiz. Congratulations to all!


Manuel said...

damn it! I missed the quiz.......sake!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Manuel..that´s okay there will be another next week. Thanks for checkin' though.