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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personnel Agencies - No Thanks

I got a call today from a personnel agency asking what I was doing these days as he was going through some of his names on his file.

Back in 2005 I was just graduating out of a Sommelier Course and was looking to use it in a position somewhere I could put it to good use. At the time I was quote unquote a dining room manager but really what I was was a one man show doing the hosting , drinks , waiting on tables , bussing , some dishwashing , turning the lights out and setting the alarm as well as booking rooms in the Bed and Breakfast that was attached to this Fine Dining Room.

I ordered and picked up the liquor , wines and soft drinks and brought them to work in the trunk of my car. The only reason I could work there is all the money I made was mine with no tip out so if I had maybe 5-10 tables through lunch and dinner a day what I would walk out of there with my $9 /hr wage was enough to get by but not exactly enable us to save a whole bunch of money.

Finally I got a little bored of the downtime and moved on to another place where I made some good coin all the time.

But before I left I went downtown to this Hospitality Personnel Agency to see if they could help me out finding a spot as a Maitre'd / Sommelier in a nice establishment with some good pay. At the time I was still rather keen on management.

Well the interview was a bit bogus and like a lot of agencies they are just adding names to their file so that if something does come up they might give you a call but then again probably not as you will at that point not be at the top of the pile.

Well it has been 4 years now and I get a call back! Life has changed for me a lot since then and a lot better I might add since I have put away any desire to work 45-50 hours a week , and I still make just as much as some mangers make working half the hours they do.

After I ended the conversation with , yes if anything comes up give me a call I could just imagine him pressing delete at that very moment. He knew I was happy where I was and he really had nothing for me like 4 years ago.

All I can say is that if he is calling people up from 4 years ago this guy must be desperate to gain some commissions right now. I know when I glance quickly at the job ads in the Saturday paper there is nothing out there right now.

I never did like going through agencies. Just a big waste of time. Let me go in and talk to someone face to face in a spot of my own choosing and see what happens. If they are hiring they will hire me. That is all there is to it.

It may work for some industries but in the Hospitality Industry it is best just to go in and talk to someone and work it from there and see how it goes.

Are you with me??


Don said...

I am! In fact, I don't even like using so-called "head hunters" to find new employees, as it sort of takes the thrill out of the hunt!

Put me face-to-face with a potential employer so we both know what we're bargaining for.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Don...right on! Face to face is where it is at.