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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hedonism - Negril Jamaica 1985

Travel day today takes us to Negril , Jamaica where for one week it was party , party , party.

I had 3 weeks off in July from work and it had been a little too long since I treated myself to a nice top notch vacation. Beginning around the early to mid - eighties the term super club was being kicked around as one of those places you go to where everything is included. Unlike Club Med even the liquor was included and some sports etc.. So I decided on the second week of my vacation to go to Hedonism in Negril which was one of the first ones to open. Sandals and Couples all followed suit at about the same time. But Hedonism like the word suggest was living life to hedonistic pleasure and it was a strictly singles resort.

As soon as the jet landed and we were in the van heading to the resort the club GOs I will call them were filling us up with Rum Punch. As soon as we got there we were headed to the bar where there were hors d'oeuvres and more alcohol to be consumed. Behind the bar was a real eye opener though as it was the pool. Not a pool that you jump in from the bar but a pool you could see the swimmers all underwater. Now I don't want to get into graphic detail but what these men and women were doing in the water well.........I just about choked on my shrimp cocktail.

Hedonism along with the moves the opposite sexes were doing on one another stood out for me for a couple of reasons.

It was the only time I have ever done Para - Sailing. Now what that is when you are attached to a line behind a speedboat and when it gets taut you take a couple of steps and whoosh you are up in the air like a glider. Sort of hang gliding but without the wings but a kite instead.

Well I managed to do this the hard way. I am on the beach and the guy in the boat says when you feel the line get tight take a couple of steps then away you go. But what I did instead was start running before the line was tight enough and I ended up running in the water trying to leap into the air. So at this point the harness whips me back and I am backwards skidding on the water thinking I am done for. Finally after what seemed like an eternity the speed of the boat whipped me around and I was airborne. It was great. But what a welt I had on my neck where the harness rubbed when I was bouncing off the water.

It was also the first time and I cannot remember if I did it again I did nude sunbathing and swimming. I think it was the only time.

On a day excursion went to Dunn River Falls and another night went to Rick's Cafe to see the sunset over the Caribean. Quite beautiful.

All in all I have to say it was quite a time during that week and lucky I had a week still to go on my vacation cause I needed that just to recuperate.

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