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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Waiter Must Have Goals Too

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned the great course evaluation from the students I received. Well now things are starting to pay off as Georgian College contacted me to see if we can promote the new bartending course being offered at the Gibson Centre in Alliston Ontario and as well anything else I may be interested in starting up.

So I mentioned an introductory course to Wine that will include the history of it, where grape varieties are grown , some knowledge on food and wine pairings , and of course some wine tasting to go along with that.

Now to get the exposure a couple of us from Georgian College will be on location from the Gibson Centre with the morning show on Friday , November 14th from 6 to 9 AM. Sure I have to get up at 4AM to ready myself to be there just before 6 but this is a really great chance. I think if I had to get up at 2 it would not have made any difference at all.

Now if any of you live around A - Channel's viewing area have a look at the show and for those of you who don't (who I know outnumber the ones that do) I will try to get a clip of the show for you on the blog.

The Gibson Centre www.gibsoncentre.com is a beautiful location to hold both a Wine and Mixology course.

My goal in the future would be to teach more than wait on tables. If this tv slot generates some positive results who knows maybe this goal will become reality in the near future.

Last night I closed again for the third shift in a row and it was somewhat tedious especially when my last table after having table checked them about 3 times finally mentioned that the salmon was a bit too oily so we had to change that for a chicken. Shouldn't have surprised me though as it took them about 10 minutes when they came in just to place their drink order. That was hot water with lemon and a mint tea. Crikey!

Serving is always more tolerable to do if you have some goals. The teaching is for me and more television.

Any waiters out there who would like to share their goals for the future?


Manuel said...

very simple.....stay good and stay on top.....it's that simple because if you aren't good and aren't on top you are getting in the way......

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Manuel...great reply.Every night is about bringing your A game to work.How was Paris? Must have been a great break.