Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to Put on the Game Face

I didn't wait on any tables last night but will be back at it tonight at 6:15. The difficult thing after being away for a couple of days is from about 2 hours before until I get my first table I get a little anxious.

What I mean is I get so relaxed not having to serve guests that I kind of change into another person. I become more myself when I am away from work , unlike when I am at work and have to act a certain way because I have to. When you are a server you see enough people a week to last for months afterwards. On my day off I rarely do anything other than stay close to home and do things with the family.

Of course it wasn't always that way , when I started off bartending I would go out after work and when I was off used to just count the moments till I went back to work to see my friends. That was my life then , but now it is more like a job when I can hardly wait to head home to do other things. Until I start getting ready to go back do I think of work at all.

But having said all this and thinking about it don't most people feel the same way? Most leave on Friday afternoon for the weekend feeling wonderful then Sunday night rolls around and they start thinking about the Monday morning traffic and piles of work waiting for them.

I always feel better when I get my first table and things get started. Then I get on a roll and it's easy. But those two hours before my first shift after a few days off is when I just feel like crawling up in a ball and having a nap.

For you servers out there how do you feel just before going to work and putting on your game face after some time off?


djsun25 said...

Just found your blog.. I started right at the beginning and have been reading every post.. I'm 41 and have been waiting tables since I was 18. I still get anxious before every shift, to this day. It's so funny. Like you say, once you greet that first table you're fine.. game on. You've given me a lot of hope my man. I've had many a sleepless night wondering what I'm doing with my life still waiting tables at 41.

Steven Nicolle said...

djsun25...Maybe this is your calling. I am sure you are very good at what you are doing. Waiting on tables is noble despite what others think of it as. Besides it can pay very well. Glad you like the blog. Thanks