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Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Starts Tomorrow

If any of you read my last post it was all about the campers , etc. Today I just want to mention that last night how nice all the people were and how generous they were as well. My tip average was over 18% and I walked out of there with over $200 after the tip out.

That is what is so great and so bad about waitering is that you never know what is going to happen. You just go into work and hope for the best.

Another note I want to mention is earlier this week that this blog is taking on an informative and fun look at places I've worked and places I have been.

Tomorrow is the places I have worked followed by Tuesday's drink recipe post. Wednesday is about travel while working in this crazy industry then on Thursday will be all about a wine grape variety. So if anyone has a preference pick the day and I will have something on that subject.

As well , I will be posting on what is going on at the present time like two TV appearances I will be making. One is with Rogers TV on the show Daytime on November 26th. This is live with one 6 minute segment making drinks and 3 x 2 minute other spots throughout the hour. As well I will be on A - TV on December 4th for a 3 minute spot to make some non-alcoholic drinks.

Both of these appearances will be to promote the Bartending Course at Georgian College offered in Orangeville and Alliston as well as a Wine Introductory Course that we are trying to start up.

With Christmas coming up and more hours to work it is going to be a busy month and a half. So I should have some good posts coming up.

Your feedback is always welcome.

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