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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Case of Did She Eat Here Before Or Didn't She?

There was something strange that happened last night at work. I get this table of 2 and they are coming to it with their drinks when the woman pipes up that her Long Island Ice Tea tastes too tart and that maybe the bartender has put too much lemon in it. Well , I said to her that no one has ever complained about this drink before , especially since we use the Long Island Ice Tea pre-mix and just add the splash of coke and bit of lemon bar mix.

So she asks me for some more coke to put in to take away the tartness she is tasting from the drink. I go get it and she says no it is still not right so I tell her that I will get her a new one and she can compare the two side by side. She tries the new one and asks again for more coke as it is still not right.

Now here is what happens , she tells me that she only drinks Long Island Ice Tea and this has never happened before when she has ate here and even the drink is being served in a different glass this time around. My reply was simply to say I have never had a complaint about this drink before and I will take one off the bill for her troubles.

So they eat their dinner and everything was fine but they questioned me on the bill saying why were they charged this amount when in fact the actual price was less on the menu. I bring the menu over to show what it was they ordered. Obviously thinking that we were overcharging everyone and the place I was working was a scam , I pointed out to them what it was they ordered and how I actually saved them money than if they ordered each item separately.

Here is what she said , "Oh I didn't know that as we have never ate here before."Now unless I was hearing things it is doubtful this person has only drank at our restaurant before as they seemed quite sure as to what they wanted to order.

Needless to say when the bill came to $86 and they gave me a $100 and still wanted change you knew it was going to be the worst tip of the night.

It was just a bit bizarre how she had ate at the restaurant before and then at the end had never been here.

All I could think of was NEXT..............


MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

Oh gawd, dude, I feel for ya.... We used to do a martini special on Friday, of all days ... well, you can imagine what kind of crowd we got for half price martinis, including cosmos...chocolates, lemon drops... anyway I had sooooooo many amateurs who"just didn't like this one" that I developed a new line that I have since used regularly ...."well, you'll know not to order it next time!" I am done discounting stuff for that crowd... the added benefit is that even if they only leave a small per cent tip.... the bill is larger if i discount it... :)

Manuel said...

Ah dude.......we've all been there done that....I love this job, but sometimes people make me so so mad.....

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Mike...yea I just asked to take one of them off the bill so they wouldn't complain.They paid for the other.I just kind of thought at first she had been to our restaurant before and then at the end when she questioned the cost of something she hadn't been before.That was kinda weird I thought. Tonight I got a $2 tip on $70 bill.I was joking I should go back to waiter school to the boss. It is just the people you get sometimes. Needless to say I don't work where the rich and famous dine.Ha ha

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Manuel...sometimes you just want to throw your arms in the air don't you.