Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Take out , Take out , Take out!

I got this table of 6 teachers tonight.They order their Diet Pepsi and Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris and after some discussion are now ready to order their food.

I bring the food out and one of them instantly upon putting the plates down asks me if I can bring her a take out container. Now or later on I reply , and she says now. Okay I say.

They finish eating and while I start clearing two pipe up and ask me if they can have theirs to go. I say sure I will bring the take out containers to which they reply fine. Before I leave I take the remaining plates away. I come back with the two containers and the one sitting beside them who obviously was deaf , blind , and mute for the time I took her plate away says , oh I wanted mine to go too , where is my plate?

I said , it's gone and in the garbage. You never asked me for a container. She says yea but there was like a big piece of salmon left to which I replied but you never said anything when I took your plate away. Later on a few minutes later she is still ticked so she goes to the supervisor and complains about it so we cook her up another salmon.

Listen if I had to ask everyone who did not lick their plate clean if they wanted it to go I would just carry Jiffy Bags in my apron.

Anyway the supervisor was okay with it and understood my point of view.

I can put up with a lot , but the nerve of some people when I was not at any fault , and she complains about something that was entirely due to her negligence just bugs me.

So when they leave I am closing the separate bills and one of them left a credit card. Probably it was hers' and I was supposed to remind her that she forgot it! Grrrrrrr..........


Dietrich said...

This happens more times than its worth. Look people, get smart or stay home. We have 20 other people to deal with, and trying to do the thinking for you is not part of our...well, it is, but not this part of the thinking process.


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Dietrich...you are spot on.Checked through your site.I will add it to my links.Thank you