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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Normal Day Off

Yesterday I was off from the restaurant for the 3rd day in a row. You see Monday nights I teach Bartending so I really don't consider that a day off so actually I really have been totally not working for Tuesday and Wednesday. So to give you an idea of what I do on my days off here it is and it rarely varies.

7:00AM Get up and wake my oldest son who is in Grade 2 and get him dressed.This is usually quite easy as my wife sets aside his clothes the night before so I am not trying to find what to wear for him in the morning. You see my wife and son like to wear clothes that match.

By the way my wife works morning as a breakfast supervisor 4 mornings a week till noon and it usually occurs on my days off. Go figure.

Now I get him his cereal or in case of this morning toast him some waffles. He likes that.

7:45AM Our 4 year old who is in Afternoon Junior Kindergarten awakes and comes downstairs at which time I put on Treehouse for him to watch.

8:05AM My Grade 2 I help brush his teeth and he gets ready putting on his boots and coat for school. Usually I have to get him going cause he is working on a crossword usually. You see he is going to be a smart one.

8:10 AM Off he goes to school. I watch him turn the corner and disappear before heading back.

8:30AM I do the dishes and feed the young one.

9:00AM I get him dressed and brush his teeth and then he watches Disney Playhouse on TV or I let him play on the computer Nickjr for Dora and Blues Clues.

9:15 - Noon I intermittently check the computer , watch a bit of news , read and take the garbage out. Also of course I play with the little one and he gets hungry too. I make his lunch for school.

Around noon - My wife comes home and we take our youngest one to school for JK.

1:00PM I take the car. We are a one car family. I do some shopping after having a chat about how her morning went. She may use the car as well it just depends on who needs it.

2:45 PM We both go to school and pick the boys up.

3:15PM We sit down and the wife and I go over the homework and have the oldest play the piano. While all this is going on we have a glass of wine and maybe a snack.

5:15PM Dinner

6:00PM Do the dishes and get ready for Wheel of Fortune at 7 and Jeopardy at 7:30. All of us watch it or at least I watch Jeopardy. I love that show.

8:00PM Boys to bed. I check the hockey downstairs and the wife watches Dancing with the Stars.

10:30PM It usually is lights out for the wife who has been up since 5AM and I go later at midnight.

2:45 PM We both go to school and pick up the boys.

This is the normal schedule. Every school day is basically the same with the exception of one who takes piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon after school.

Yea we do other things but there is something to be said for developing a stable lifestyle. It is good for me and good for the family. Happiness and contentment prevail amongst us all.

I got to run Jeopardy is on and they are calling me......


Manuel said...

ha! life ain't all bad eh.....

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Manuel..yes and on top of that I am off for Halloween to walk around the kids. Fancy that and a Friday too.