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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Worth Repeating

The other night I am taking the order from this couple. She orders for him and she orders a Steak and Lobster. I repeat it back to her and ask her how she'd like the steak cooked. She says medium rare and away I go and punch it into the system.

Upon delivery and after cutting through the steak she says she ordered the prime rib and lobster. I then reply that I understood she ordered the steak and showed her where I wrote it down. Of course I didn't go any further than that by telling her I also repeated it back to her when she ordered it.

Anyway we got the prime rib out to her pronto and she was happy about that. After dessert she apologized for the confusion about the meat and I brushed it off nicely by adding that it was nothing at all and at least the prime rib came out quickly to replace the steak.

Now I know we as waiters often feel we have no way out when a customer says they ordered this when they actually ordered something else from you but that is why I always repeat what they ordered back to them and write it down.

They may not admit to their mistake but when you show it back to them they may think throughout their entire meal that maybe they did order the wrong thing. As well I am pretty sure the two had a discussion and a lot of the time the other person will say that they did indeed order what was served.

So the two things I never stray from is when I take the order I repeat it back to them while writing it down. Another reason too is when you bring the food out people surprisingly have no memory of what they ordered or what it should look like when you bring it. Without your written order doubt prevails amongst everyone.

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