Lookin' Good at 58

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Fifth Most Popular Article of All Time

Tonight was a slow night at work and I have heard it has been slow all week so far.This could be the time of year , the calm before the storm being Christmas , or is it that and the economic downturn that is forever in the news each day. I am wondering how people can sleep at night with all this negativity everywhere. We will get out of it. There is a correction going on in the market. Prices have to come down. I am no economist but this will pass.

So for tonight's blog I have really nothing to say about the restaurant industry and waiting on tables. But what I have is the 5th most published article of all time. If we just go to work each day and have an attitude like Rowan did we will get through anything.Our employer will keep us on no matter what happens. Just wait on tables and serve drinks and with the right attitude we will get through all this. Money might be tight for a couple of weeks more then hold on Christmas parties are here.

With the link below click on it and check the story. Read through it before you go to work today especially if your attitude is down right now. Remember it is the 5th most popular article of all time so it is worth reading. I will talk about the restaurant tomorrow.


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