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Saturday, September 6, 2008

When It's Better Not to Present the Dessert Menu

Sometimes a situation occurs when offering the dessert menu to cap off a meal is not the best thing to do.This happened to me recently so I will explain what happened.

A couple got sat in my section after being on a wait at the bar area and on my greeting noticed that the lady was in fact quite tipsy on the verge of slurring her words.She piped up instantly and told me that she had ordered drinks at the bar and that they hadn't arrived yet.At which point I found out that the drinks that they had ordered was a beer for him and a Double Mai Tai for herself.Now for those of you who do not know , a Mai Tai is one of those fruity drinks with a fair bit of rum in it already and this was a double!

I was pleased to notice that her friend must have been the driver because he was quite sober.What I didn't know was at the bar she found some glass in her drink which came from a glass that broke earlier in the ice bin or in that proximity.The ice bin was cleaned but a piece must have been overlooked.So unfortunately I had a table that one person had already too much to drink and on top of that was not a happy camper due to the broken glass she encountered.

I was very relieved when they ordered a big meal with appetizers and an entree and were sipping their drink.The Mai Tai lasted the entire meal which meant I did not have to cut her off while she was eating her meal.The manager had mentioned that we would have to cut her off at some point if she ordered another one.It is never a comfortable situation when cutting someone off and you never know what kind of reaction the guest might come back with.

When it was time to clear the lady asked me if she could have a container to take the rest of her meal home.That was fine and both agreed the meal was delicious.

The manager earlier on did want me to let him know when I was billing them.Immediately upon clearing I went to him when at that time he discounted the bill.I printed out the bill and with the container went and presented it to them apologizing again on our behalf for the broken glass and thanking them and hoping to see them again soon.

Skipping the dessert menu was probably the smartest thing to do at the time because when she replied " oh we were going to order another drink," I thought there would have been my opportunity lost to say good night right there and then.Sometimes it is better to forfeit a sale than risk having someone stay who may be trouble later.You just have to do it in a diplomatic fashion at the right time.

All ended well , the male friend wanted to leave anyway , they left on a high note having enjoyed their dinner , the lady was beginning to sober up rather than drink more and I pocketed a fairly good tip after all.

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