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Monday, September 29, 2008

What I Like Best About the Service Industry

I have to say I like my job. Now usually if a person has been doing something for quite a while one would assume that that person must like his profession , whatever it is , right?

But I will tell you right now two of the reasons I still wait on tables after all these years in this brief story about Saturday.

I get some news about something I need not go into great detail about but you know something that has you mumbling to yourself and it cannot escape your mind.So while I am driving the 1/2 hour commute to work I am talking to myself , shaking my head , just trying to get a handle on the situation.

I get to work about 20 minutes before my scheduled start and I notice there is a lineup at the door and the place is abuzz. I'm the closer and I arrived early so I figure I still have a moment or two to put my tie and apron on and check my section when the hostess comes in and says Steve we sat you a table and we need you on the floor right away.

Still a little in my thought pattern of before I groan a bit but quickly get ready and hit the floor to smile and greet my guests. They fill up my section quickly.

Even after slowing down quickly around 9pm at the end of the night I did 38 covers and averaged 17% on my grats. I started at 5:30 and was out the door by 11:45.

I get a free beer at the bar for helping run food , the drive home is different from the drive in as now I am feeling good about things , met some nice people , and my wallet is full of cash.

Here are the two biggest things then I love about this industry.

The first is when you are serving others on a face to face fashion you forget everything else.It's all about them , not you. You are serving others and your goal is to make them happy and when you see them happy you become happy.

The second thing that is great is you are rewarded right away for doing so. There is no greater thing to experience than instant gratification. When people are giving me money for just being nice to them , taking their order and then making sure everything is alright when it comes to them. I mean really how much easier does it get.

Really when we as service professionals start thinking this job is hard.....it's hard compared to what I ask? All we are doing is making people happy when it comes right down to it.

Any waiters , bartenders or managers out there have some thoughts on this and what do you like best about the business?


Lone Waitress said...

I have to agree that the basics of waiting is easy, but the details sometimes are not. We are expected to anticipate the needs of the customer and "read" then to see if they desire a conversation or just service. That can be expecially difficult when serving on a lunch shift!
I do love waiting tables however. The schedule can't be beat, and the cash in hand is amazing.
My favorite part of waiting is receiving a great tip for great service. Unfortunately it's not always a given so when it does happen it's usually the highlight of my day.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Great comment lone waitress.....
Working lunch is fast service when most people have to head back to work soon after.It is a pressure packed service to do.

I talk very little to the guest myself and even if they want to talk if it is going to affect my service to others I get away.A minute at a time at the most.I find once you become friends with a guest then they do not feel as obligated to leave you a generous tip. It is only the service that counts.It is kinda cold I admit. Maybe this is a blog topic soon.

Great tips are great and sometimes who they come from can surprise us.Usually it's the table we feel we gave just good service to.That is what I find anyway.

Manuel said...

I love my job, it;s the best thing I have ever done and wouldn't consider anything else.

I love money in my pocket everyday.
I love the chat and the chatter.
I have passion for good food and drink.
And the buzz, the rip roaring buzz of a full service, a saturday night, christmas service all of it. It's the greatest drug of all.....

Waiter Extraordinaire said...