Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Post

Well here it goes starting today I am blogging on Google to tell the world my story on waiting , traveling , making money and not making money working for tips , teaching a Bartending course and being a Dad and good husband all the same time.

I am 49 and work at a steakhouse where I put in about 22 hours a week. I used to work a lot more a week but changed jobs so I can see my kids once in a while. Can anyone relate??

My wife who is from Iceland where they actually get paid enough so they do not have to receive tips works nearby as a breakfast supervisor/waiter in a 4 diamond restaurant. She works about 24 hours a week.

Soon I will be teaching Bartending in the Fall so I will wait the same hours just add on a few hours a week to teach.

Between September and December is the busy time so here we go.

Meanwhile as I am adding information and thoughts on this site every couple of days feel free to comment on anything you like.

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