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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Hard Table to Serve

There have been studies done since forever about jobs that are stressful and waiting on tables has always ranked right up there.When you consider that we have to serve people that for the most part are nice we also see people at their worst.

For whatever reason some people will take all their frustrations out on a waiter for the crappy day they have had.It is like we not only have to serve the food and drink but the waiter is responsible for turning the day around for them.

The hardest table for me to serve is the couple who just had a disagreement before they came into the restaurant.It starts off with , " what would you like dear, no what would you like?" It goes back and forth when finally usually the man will order for both.The food comes out and you know what they ordered because you repeated everything back to them twice and wrote it down , they start eating and both agree on something they do not like. Ha!

Usually the man will say to the woman ," how is your meal." She will reply with something like okay. Then the husband will keep badgering her till she finally says something stupid like the mashed potatoes aren't mashed enough.

Now the husband has found a way to get her talking and win her back. They have found a common cause , let's unite and complain to the waiter!

So I come over and ask how their meal is and bingo the man says he ordered his wife's done this way and it came out another way.The wife sits silently while all this is going on. The man is trying to win her back and the wife or girlfriend now knows that whatever argument they had earlier she is winning.Her man is caving in.

No matter what you do afterwards even if the meal is redone and cooked to their liking the waiter is pretty useless at this point. They may even ask for it to go.

But what has happened thanks to me is now the entire conversation has shifted from silence to how they are disappointed in the food , or the restaurant in general , and they have never seen mash potatoes done like that and then when they leave hand in hand I receive a minimum amount tip when all I did was save their marriage.

Don't marriage counsellors get a couple hundred bucks an hour...........?

What irks you at work? I would like to hear about it.

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