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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finding the Balance

Since January when I started my new job waiting on tables in this restaurant which specializes in steaks I have noticed one thing about myself. I know longer peruse the want ads.

Now for most of you this may seem inconsequential as most people who are working for someone right now generally are not looking to see if there is some other job better to go to on a regular basis. But for years because of the industry I work in I would always be checking out the want ads wondering if another place would be better to work in than the one I was at that time.

It might just be a natural thing to do because as waiters maybe the longest a lot of us would stay in one spot is a couple of years then there would be a change in ownership , or management , the tips would not be enough , we needed a change or for whatever reason we would have to move on. At least that was me.

Sometimes the move would be a good one and sometimes it would be bad.

But whatever has happened this year I have changed a lot. Maybe before I was too ambitious and wanted to go higher or maybe I didn't mind working a lot of hours.

Now that is all out the window.Why you ask , with a Sommelier Diploma , Maitre'd experience , and so on why wouldn't I want to try to reach for the top.

The reason is now where I am working I can walk my kids to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. In July and August I had 27 days off during those two months. I work no more than 25 hours a week. We still between my wife and I make good money , enough to own a townhouse a block from school. Maybe it's because going on 50 in February my body cannot take the long hours on my feet. Besides I think your body slows down a bit after a while. At least the recovery time is longer.I am not overweight and slow. I am quite lean and fast on the floor. Not to boast but I do the most covers a week.

I know one thing and that is where I am working I can probably wait on tables another 15 - 20 years as opposed to another restaurant where I might have to work 50 hours before the week is through. I will still have an active part in my children's life and even this summer I managed to get a Thursday or Friday off to see them play soccer.

I cannot predict the future but I always believed that if I could find a place to work doing what I love to do and it still allowed me to lead a balanced life that would be a place I would stay.

I think I found it.............

What about your place of work? What is good about it......

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