Lookin' Good at 58

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Okay it is an unlikely title but last night at around 1am I woke up with huge cramps in my left leg at the back of my knee. Whether it is from waiting on tables all these years or the sudden change to hot and humid weather I am not sure of the cause but the bizarre thing about this was my second toe beside the big toe was cramped as well.This second toe and my big toe look like the Vulcan sign Spock used to do on Star Trek when he used to separate his 3rd and 4th finger.

The remedy for this is to elevate your leg on some pillows and wait it out.Then it eventually goes away.Such is the state of my body after these years.My back goes out frequently and when it does it is usually due to a fluctuation in temperature.When it is really bad it is like looking at the funny mirrors at carnivals when your body looks like it has been stretched to one side.The hip juts out.

All these reasons are why I work less than 30 hours a week.Any more and the body starts falling apart.I think the human body starts showing signs of wear beginning at 35.I mean let's face it the abuse we put it through when we are younger is amazing.The other day I saw the bar helper lift 3 glass racks and take them to the bar instead of 1 at a time.I mentioned to him that he better take 1 at a time as he will pay for it later at which he replied with only a shrug.Of course he is only 18.

I remember one time when we were opening up a new cruise ship and there was a slot machine at dock side with about 8 of us standing around it wondering how we were going to carry this up the gangway and then carry it to the lobby and then to an elevator to the top deck and then carry it again to it's place.That was a big aha moment for me and I just said there was no way I was going to help attempt to carry it.

Now I just don't lift anything.My wife when she sees me going to lift something she just tells me not to and she will do it.She is a waiter too and has a bad back as well just maybe not as ugly as mine is when it is out.

Well I guess one thing I am happy about is that other than a few aches , cramps , and pain I am otherwise in good health.

I gotta run now as I have to get up and stretch cause my knee is bothering me.Oh did I mention my knee........

What aches and pains do you have?

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