You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once
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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Great Show All About Nuts

Adam Rozen is definitely a successful entrepreneur who sees a vision and acts on it. His idea of matching flavored peanuts to match the taste of your favorite beer is a winner!

It didn't come without difficulty though but with the help of his team in place they experimented with different flavors to come up with the right flavor of peanut for the right beer. So now rather than eating salty unflavored peanuts or chips with your beverage at home or out,  now you finally have something to munch on that will enhance the taste of the beer you are drinking.

We have heard of matching wine with food now we finally have something that we can eat at at home that will go with beer. The product is all natural and neatly packaged so unlike a peanut bowl on a bar where everyone has stuck their finger in now you have something that taste good, healthy, and germ free!

If you missed the show it is archived on my web page. Catch his entrepreneurial passion for his idea!

Click here to listen

Have a great day!

The Hospitality Industry News Network | VoiceAmerica™

The Hospitality Industry News Network | VoiceAmerica™

The show starts in 30 minutes so click on and listen. Today's show is all about matching different flavored peanuts with craft beers. It will get your taste buds going!

Remember if you miss this or any other shows they are archived on my web page 24/7 as well as Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Tunedin.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

The last two days I worked 27 hours at the restaurant. You may think that is a lot but for 2 weeks nearing Christmas 13 hour days are the norm.

Where I work we set up the rooms for functions and weddings. We do the a la carte where you bus, host, serve, open wine, bar tend, make espressos and cappuccino, and then after everyone start shining the cutlery and restock the fridge for beer and wine etc..

The thing is most of the time there are at the most 3 of us who work the day and night during the week. So one guy (me) usually takes care of the guests and the others set up rooms that are for weddings etc..

I like it though. The only thing is I wish I had the body I had when I was 20 to carry out the work.

Today, Sunday there are two functions going on and I am off.

I don't mind...

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Hospitality Industry News Network | VoiceAmerica™

The Hospitality Industry News Network | VoiceAmerica™

Click above for a preview of Monday's show on "The Hospitality Industry News Network." The show starts at noon on Monday when Adam Rozen appears to talk about flavoured nuts that match your beverage of choice which include lots of different craft beers.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why Be In the Service Industry?

For one reason only for me it is as long as I am serving others it takes my mind away from my own thoughts for a while. If you focus on others and get rewarded for doing it over and over again you are always pretty satisfied and happy.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back in 1987 When I Started to Look For Work In Switzerland

Before there was internet I use to go to travel agencies and get their guide book and borrow it. I would take a seat and copy all the addresses down that I was going to send my resume. In this case as I only had French it was that part of Switzerland I applied.

I ended up getting a job but I was just thinking about something to write. I googled Swiss hotel jobs and there it was one site of many where you could apply.

Check this one out! Click here.

You have to plan ahead for a job in the future so the hotel can work on that visa for you. If you have the experience and speak one of the languages why not?

What We Can All Learn from Yesterday's Show

Yesterday's show I had Julie Miguel who without any chef papers just her passion for cooking signed up to be on Masterchef Canada in it's inaugural season.

She went through all the elimination to get on the show and ended up finishing 7th which is pretty amazing.

So all I can say is here is an example of getting out there and just doing it. You never know what can happen and since then Julie has been able to follow her passion and love for cooking.

Check out her blog entitled Daily Tiramisu and go to my page right here to listen to the show archived if you missed it.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Today's Show

On today's show we have Julie Miguel. It should be a great show. She has been on Masterchef Canada and has a very popular blog entitled Daily Tiramisu. So check it out.

Here is the link for today's show which starts 4 hours from now at noon EDT.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I Made 5 Grasshoppers on Saturday Night

I don't think I have made so many since the early 80's.

The cocktail is shaken and it is

one part Green Creme de Menthe
half part White Creme de Cacao
2 parts 10% cream

Served in a champagne saucer glass.

Bring back the 80's! hahaha

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thoughts on Monday's Show

Really enjoyed the show with Jeff Cioletti talking about his new book coming out on November 24th entitled, "The Year of Drinking Adventurously."

Definitely a book you can try a different drink each week for 52 weeks and know about it's origin educating yourself along the way.

I was especially fascinated about the different drinks coming from China and Japan. You have to listen to know what a pickelback is too!  Here is the link to go to